Voice 1(888) 462-2251, fax, emailschedule call/webinar, or text, GObackgrounds has always been in sync with the latest client-efficient communication technology. If you’re frustrated that your current Employment Screener, HR Consultant, or Workplace Investigator takes forever to return your email or voicemail, you’re not alone. Most clients that switched to GObackgrounds did because they were being treated like a number and not the most important person in the room.

Through an integrative communications system each member of the GObackgrounds team is able to respond to your voice, email, schedule call/webinar, or text directly from their mobile device, and if need be, even after hours and on the weekends. We’re fast. We’re efficient. We’re effective.

Critical Thinking

Whether it’s Employment Screening, Human Resources & Employment Relations Consulting, or Workplace Investigations, our quality work product is largely based on our ability to think critically. Not surprisingly, our clients have come to consistently rely upon our critical thinking to meet their business objectives in today’s challenging and fast-paced business world.

Employment Screening

Human Resources Consulting, Workplace Investigations

Experience & Education

With over 25 years of experience and advanced graduate-level education, GObackgrounds is uniquely qualified to educate its clients on matters that require a higher level of professional engagement, attention to detail and pragmatic real world perspective.

As with critical thinking, you too will come to rely upon our experience and education for all your Employment Screening, Human Resources & Employment Relations Consulting, or Workplace Investigations needs.